Sunday, August 02, 2015

A Cruise and Two Friends

It has been awhile since I actually put a blog together.  I had some great pictures and interesting site visits in S,. Korea but could not get the correct photos uploaded here. I will try at my next break.

Thanks to #MTXConnect, I can stay online anywhere in Europe for a very low cost.  Check them out for your next visit. They'll send you a SIM card--thus the blog update.  

I am getting the chance to spend more time and see new places in Europe I hadn't seen before now. Charlie and I added the Prague pre-cruise extension and enjoyed it very much!  HOWEVER--we have have spent 3 days NOT cruising on the Danube. We have been on board but bussed to the first 2 days of the cruise as the Danube is too low for the ship to sail from Nuremberg to Regensbeurg to Passau. This has meant really long bus rides and truncated times for touring. As of today we are (and have been) where we're supposed to be by the 4th day. In 2013 Europe's flooding was only surpassed by an even greater flood in 1501. Now the drought is so awful they've not experienced anything as dry and hot since the late 1800s.

We will continue on to Melk, Vienna, and Budapest and, when I'm not on my iPad, I will include pictures. Charlie and I are having a wonderful time--both on the trip and together.  I will leave Budapest for Berlin to see a friend from LCC days and from there back home to Okinawa and the start of a new term.