Saturday, November 21, 2015

Spring in Seoul, Summer and Fall in Okinawa

Spring in Seoul, Break in the US, and Back to Okinawa...and a Typhoon

Palace musicians, 16th C.
As this post suggests, I have been almost around the world and back since I wrote.  The promised pictures of my peregrinations through South Korea, well, just Seoul and the DMZ and JSA, are below and captioned rather than very much text since I really need to get caught up in a hurry.  Just to orient you to my exact, current location, I am in my old (new, actually) apartment in Okinawa City, waiting out the first typhoon of the season.  This makes my second in one year in this area.  In all the years of living in the tropics growing up I can only remember one direct hit hurricane. The weather these days is certainly extreme!

That was then. Now, we are enjoying mild days in the 70's but strong winds! I have taken to pulling my hair back, military style, having gotten horribly tired of trying to control it or finding it in my face. I guess everyone's gotten tired of it since even the salon likes it.  Of course the "do" is indistinguishable from that of any other military female around here.
Detail of Eaves, Buddhist Temple, Seoul

Lighting Fixture, Buddhist Temple Gift Shop

Geri and the Baby Buddha

Buddhist Temple, Seoul, Front Steps

Panels, Life of The Buddha

Detail, Eaves of The Buddhist Temple

Detail in the Eaves of the Palace Halls

Throne Room 

Ceiling, Palace Throne Room

Palace musicians playing 16th C. traditional instruments.

Royal Casket

Sculpture, Children's game

S. Korean "White House"

Young Women in traditional dress, happy to pose

Main Palace building with a moat?
UN Peacekeepers in the JSA - Joint Security Area, UN, USA, S. Korea, North Korea
North Korean Building, JSA

Standing in the S., Looking to the North

Conference Building, Split, N. and S.

Conference Table, Split, N. & S.

Obviously, the DMZ - De-Militarized Zone. Tunnels from the North into the South have been and are being discovered, regularly

It has taken me many weeks to update this blog! Loading the pictures, organizing them, and the captions...Whine, whine, whine!  I apologize.

Now it is Thanksgiving Week and I am wishing all Americans anywhere a great time of fellowship with friends and family.

I will be back in Nebraska from Dec. 12th-Jan. 12th, visiting mostly with my mum, family, and friends. Our work here is very intense. UMUC gets faculty to sign on and then expects we will be cheerfully accepting of continuous overloads. From a traditional university standpoint, 2 courses at 6 class hours/week in 8 weeks is equal to 4/semester, 16 weeks. My overloads are therefore crushing with so little time  to complete marking that would have been spaced out over 16 weeks and fewer students!

I must say though that my students continue to be a great joy to work with.  I look forward to our times together and respect them so much for the work, class, and family obligations they bear to make better lives for themselves and their children.  Nevertheless, a break will be good! I will remain in Okinawa for the first Spring term, at least.