Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Part VI.5, Seeking advice

Dear Family and Friends:

This is not a complete post but rather a health concern.  Shortly after arrival, I developed itchy welts.  They were especially bad in the morning so I first eliminated spiders and bedbugs.  I cleaned as only I know how, lots of bleach, cleaning soap, and multiple times.  Things have only gotten worse.  I have been to the on-campus doctor 3 times, am taking anti-allergy meds, all to no avail.  I keep my apartment windows shut all the time because of the wind and dust.

I have since discovered that others have had trouble in this apartment too, with different consequences, but their complaints about the situation have gone unheeded.  Later today I will have more lab tests and none too soon, it seems.  I awoke this morning at 3:30 in such discomfort I got up thinking, "What if it's laundry soap or new softener?"  I have used Persil and this softener before but...well, who knows?  And that's a serious question.  If anyone has an idea, I'd love to hear it.  In addition to the discomfort, I see my eyes swelling shut this morning, a sure sign that whatever it is, is not going away on it's own. 

I have just completed the newest post on teaching, Part VI, below.

Hugs to all!



  1. Anonymous1:16 AM

    Hey Geri,
    sorry to hear about all this - but is there any chance it may be lead/mold/something else within those lines? Do you have any plants in that apartment?


  2. Not yet! I wanted to buy some but haven't had the chance yet., no plants. And yes, there could be mold here, not sure about lead as these apartments are only 3 years old and should be fine. Thanks GB!

  3. also, Pam Andersen stopped in today. We talked about it a bit, if it were bed bugs.. could it be in the mattress, since you've cleaned everything else?

  4. The maintenance people say no and so does the doctor. He said there are no bites that he can see. Aunt Jan wrote and suggested I have them clean the air filters on the AC units so I've done that now.