Friday, October 10, 2014

Typhoon #19--Vong Fong

This one appears to be headed our way  It will hit us on Saturday-Sunday our time, Friday afternoon-Sunday morning CDT.  People here are fairly used to them and are doing all the normal things to get ready.  Of course the commissary (grocery shop) was crammed with people stocking up.  The problem is not the 2+ days of rain and wind but the aftermath of power/water loss. I have cloroxed the bathroom tub and filled it.  The shower/tub room can still be used without disturbing the water in the tub since the whole room is waterproof and meant for showering outside the tub.  I will draw filtered water for cooking (gas) and drinking, later on.  I have pulled the balcony furniture indoors since I am liable for any damage caused by flying items from my balcony.  I have closed the air vents and put the magnetic covers over the keyholes in the outside door, protecting them from saltwater.


 Those of you who have followed this blog for several years have seen the pictures of the power lines I have taken--especially the ones in the inner city of Tripoli, Lebanon that were all strung dangerously together, people grabbing power off the grid however they might, legally but usually illegally. It is not as bad here but all, I mean ALL, the power lines are above ground.  The chances of losing power are fairly high, I would think.

The military base has just issued a directive that all nonessential types (like I am) leave and go home. I'm already home and the "hatches have been battened down."  (Not sure what that means--sounds like a submarine term.) Speaking of which, the loss of the 3 upper-level airmen last weekend was altogether dumb and maddening. They were on the road, close to the ocean, taking pictures!  While the typhoon of last week did not come here, the sea was rough and the waves grabbed them and washed them away.

I have taken time out of my marathon marking to send this update as I may very well be offline until Sunday or later, your time.  I am confident that all will be well.  The wind is already howling, the water is choppy, and further out, the waves are getting higher.  However, Okinawa is in typhoon alley, right in the path of most of the typhoons (exactly like hurricanes but in the Asian Pacific), and their buildings are build of coral and cement--to weather this weather.  I have no doubt that it will be interesting to witness and completely safe.

I will update this when I can.

(Jamaican for "No worries!")

My current schedule: 1 week "break" and then Fall 2 Session starts.  Back in NE on Dec. 13th, evening, leaving on Jan 8th for Seoul, my next posting.



  1. Anonymous5:29 AM

    Thanks for the update! Keep your head down but your heart up! xoxox Becky and Banu

    1. Thank you Becky, Banu! I think I've survived the worst of it. No loss of lights, internet, or water so far.