Friday, October 16, 2009

Papa's Gone, I'm on my way

On the West Side of the Pond, Two Weeks
Dear Family and Friends:

Modern Technology is a wonderful thing. My father's last hours were spent with his family, all his family because, while I packed to leave, I was connected by webcam to his room and the family who visited. I heard my sisters and mum singing, I head my nephew and brothers-in-law reading the Bible, I head his grandchildren's voices, the sweet baby voice of one of his great grans, nurses, hospice workers and even Raul, his roommate who has dentures that keep falling down so that you're never quite sure what he's saying.  It also helps, in his case, to know Spanish because these days, he can't seem to stay consistently in one language.

My family tells me that 15 minutes after I told him good-bye to close the computer and leave for the bus to Riga, about 2:50 am, my father passed. It was very peaceful, according to my sister.  I found this out upon arrival in Minneapolis, where I am right now.  A nice layover before I see Joy and Brant is a very good thing.  It might allow me to catch up with myself.  I have not been to bed since Wednesday night, Lithuanian time, 10 pm CST so sitting quietly in the cafe, catching up on emails, and generally taking care of things that would otherwise keep me up when I finally get to Nebraska.

FYI: I will be at Mitchell's, (308) 384-1024, though I expect to be in Kearney some of the time over the next 2 weeks.

Thank you all for your concern and prayers. I have really appreciated hearing from all of you.

Love, hugs,


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