Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Turning on the Heat

LL 22.5

The City and The Heat
I keep hearing rumors that the heat has been turned on in one place or another around KlaipÄ—da but there is absolutely no evidence of that in my apartment.  This morning it was 62 F and with the two little space heaters I have running almost constantly while I'm home, the temperature sometimes gets as high as 68.  The school has been cold too and my office, terribly, horribly hot in the summer, feels now like an icebox with all the windows exposed to the cold.  Nevertheless, I have more than the usual traffic because the little space heater can make it feel quite cozy and I have to be very quiet about such things because, in an unguarded moment, a space heater can just simply disappear without a word or a trace.  Community living, sharing is one thing BUT I must draw the line when it comes to my space heater!  I am careful too about how I acknowledge people's compliments on the comfort of my office--I do so quietly, with more reserve than you might think I can exercise.

To give the city its due, I heard that yesterday, in the hospitals and kindergartens the heat was turned on.  It's coming.....

In the meantime, this Pillsbury Dough Girl is layered until she is twice her size, which is saying something and while folks poke fun, I'm never cold, really cold, like they are.

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